LIT can provide finished goods in ready market packaging with full colour package printing or finished goods or components in plastic packaging, bulk packaging, or OEM level packaging. Our team includes native English speaking personal so you can be sure your typeset is in proper English.

LIT offers automatic account management for clients’ that require regularly coordinated shipments to meet inventory level management programs. LIT can also offer a transparent shipping program that allows LIT to ship directly to our client’s customers without the local manufacturer knowing the customers names. This  protects our client’s customer list and prevents manufactures and employees who leave manufacturers from being able to contact our client’s customers.

Many Clients require multiple discipline manufacturers to produce the products they require. LIT can coordinate multiple discipline projects with multiple Chinese vendors providing a single point of contact for the project. LIT can consolidate multiple types of goods for efficient and cost effective management and shipping. LIT provides our clients the peace of mind of dealing with a UK company who understand the quality and communication standards they require.

LIT is a UK company with a UK satellite and office in China. LIT  provides  companies with finished product and/or component sourcing services from China based manufacturing companies. LIT can deliver finished products ready to be delivered to market or W.I.P. components that can dramatically reduce costs for manufactured finished goods.

Starting with the product specifications or samples our clients give us, to coordinating the shipping logistics to the delivery location our client specifies, LIT provides all services required to source cost effective finished products or W.I.P. component production in China. Our teams on the ground in China personally visit potential vendors to pre-qualify them to determine if they can fulfil our client’s needs.

LIT is more than a sourcing company, LIT provides our clients their own virtual manufacturing operations in China. Our office in Ningbo, which provides our sourcing coordination, QC and QA and shipping documentation control. Our Staff are trained ISO 9000.