Lowcross was Est in 1978 and has been operating in China since 1996 and have worked on various sourcing projects from small business’s to global companies, eg Chubb (UK); Gunnebo (Sweden);Kaba (Germany);Ikea (Sweden); Orseal (UK); GB Silicone (UK) and numerous other clients helping smooth the transition of supply from China, with the least risk and within the shortest timescales whilst meeting cost saving targets for their clients.
Lowcross work with several main engineering companies in metal; plastic and electrical components and has extensive knowledge of component material suppliers through out China. The Company is based in Ningbo, one of the main industrial zones of China with the 4th largest deep sea port in Asia.
Lowcross has a thorough knowledge of the Chinese political, economic and business environment and has all the key contacts to make things happen and reduce the risk of dealing with a country far away and different culture to the West.
Lowcross has developed a good technical engineering project team around them to advise on quality issues/ conformance, technical engineering, tooling, process and materials issues that can be a huge risk to sourcing projects within China if resources are not in place.
Lowcross one big advantage compared to many Chinese sourcing companies in China that the CEO Mark Vaughan is British and spends the majority of time in China and regularly travels back to Europe visiting his clients, making it easy to communicate and discuss new products face to face and any issues which also break’s the supply chain which helps protect clients property rights.